You can buy a CSA Mystery Boxxx exclusively on https://tokapi.com/drops/b971d37b-4e18-416b-8068-12d0be67b939?locale=en

It is a digital box including valuable NFTs which you can buy on the platform https://tokapi.com/drops/b971d37b-4e18-416b-8068- 12d0be67b939?locale=en. The colours will be revealed when you open them. These digital-only CSA Mystery Boxes each contain four Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) which come in different colours, some rarer than others – see colour pyramid.

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, which basically is a unique digital creation, stored on a Blockchain to record the ownership. Often those creations are assets such as artworks or collectibles.

The special art stamp is a limited-edition stamp, an exclusive collector’s item, that you can use as a stamp, or you can keep the part with the artwork of Red Mercury

The special art stamp is not available for purchase, you receive it automatically sent to you after purchasing your digital Mystery Box. So, it is important you fill out the correct delivery details, otherwise we cannot send it to you.

After purchasing your digital Mystery Box, you will receive your special art stamp per post. So, it is important you fill out the correct delivery details, otherwise we cannot send it to you.

Tokapi currently supports VISA & Mastercard Debit/Creditcards and SOFORT.

Possible with all valid currencies (FIAT) either with VISA & Mastercard debit/credit cards and SOFORT bank transfer.

Red 1,0%
Yellow 10,0%
Blue 30,0%
Rose 58,96%
Green 0,01%
Turquoise 0,01%
Violet 0,01%
Friedrich Mercury 0,01%

We only receive the information we need to deliver the special art stamp.
All other data remain with Tokapi.

Tokapi works like a normal online marketplace. You can buy, sell and collect NFTs. For using this platform you have to register and if you want to sell your NFTs you have to verify your identity.

NFC stands for Near Field Communication and is a standard for special microchips that can communicate with modern smartphones. The special art stamp has such an NFC chip built in. This is used to check the authenticity of the special art stamp. When you hold your smartphone close to the special art stamp, the smartphone communicates with the NFC and checks whether the special art stamp is genuine.

  • Crypto stamp art is where you buy a digital mystery box with NFTs and you receive a collectable Special art stamp on top. You can buy them via the Tokapi platform. https://tokapi.com/drops/b971d37b-4e18-416b-8068-12d0be67b939?locale=en
  • Crypto stamp is a stamp with a digital twin (NFT) in the blockchain. You can buy them online, in our branch network and via our collector’s service. A certain number of Crypto stamps are available in the onchain store.

No, it is not compatible with the Crypto stamp collection.

This feature will be supported approx. 4 weeks after the CSA drop. Withdrawal will be available under this link https://tokapi.com/transfer?locale=en

No. As soon as you buy the Mystery Box you receive your NFTs and can start trading.

Please refer to our terms and conditions for details.